Revolt RV 400 the future of Indian electric bike era

Revolt recently released India’s first fully electric motorcycle, the RV 400. This is at the moment the best electric bike in the country and offers some very interesting features with the company claiming this is the first AI enabled electric bike.

Talking about the range the bike is supposed to get you to a really great 156 km in one battery charge and that with a top speed of 85kmph, it is not that fast but still for an electric bike it is pretty good. All of this has been made possible by the Battery Management System, whose functioning is still not made public.

PowerDrift had a detailed video about the bike and its features, watch it here:


Other features include LED headlamps, fully digital instrument cluster and the AI system embedded in the bike helps in improving the battery performance based on the riding style, and not only that it also helps in calculating real-time battery consumption, range, but distance also traveled and time taken.

It is smart bike for a reason, the bike can be started through a smartphone, it has Bluetooth connectivity and also gets voice commands.

It also has an interesting geo-fencing with theft protection system that shuts off the bike if it goes beyond a certain radius. Also the bike comes with four artificial exhaust notes, and however users can add their own sounds by using the app.

Bookings for the bike will start from 25 June with pre-bookings at a token price of 1000 Rs, however, the final price is expected to be somewhat around Rs. 1 lakh.


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