How safe is the new Face app and what does it do

Face app is this new app that everybody’s using these days which apparently turns your younger-looking self into an older version of yourself. It using a special kind of artificial intelligence (AI) which takes your face image as input and converts it into an older looking face. That’s not it though. It can also make a blunt looking face, a happy one by converting the shape of the lips into a smile.

This app originally came out two years ago but it has been in great use only from a past couple of days. People are doing this face app challenge on Instagram and other networking sites. Almost all the celebrities have used this app and shared their pictures on Instagram.

Now the problem comes in. A few days back an app developer Joshua Nozzi tweeted that FaceApp was uploading troves of photos from people’s smartphones without asking permission.

Some people hare concerned about the app’s terms and conditions. They argue that the company takes a cavalier approach to users’ data. “Putting aside for a moment the fact that no one has time to read every policy they come across, it’s incredibly difficult to discern what the real risks are from this convoluted mess,” says Lindsey Barrett, a teaching fellow and staff attorney at Georgetown Law’s Communications and Technology Clinic.


However the face app company recently said “Most images are deleted from our servers within 48 hours from the upload date.” The app’s team is based in Russia, however the company says that none of the data it processes its transferred to the country.