PUBG-Mobile Season 8 details leaked: Ocean Theme will roll out soon

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds aka PUBG Mobile is nearing towards the end of its 7th season and is about to enter its eighth season. But before the new season officially starts we have some insiders or what you may call as ‘leaks’ for PUBG lovers. A bunch of YouTubers has managed to get an early hands-on the new season 8 and we are going to list down the various additions and updates. The most prominent ones include a new ‘Power of the Ocean’ theme, the addition of the Bizon gun, and a ‘Water Blaster’ skin for the Scar-L in the gun lab. The new season may also as well update the game to version 0.13.5.



The biggest highlight of the Season 8 will be:

PP-19 Bizon Gun

If you love 9mm bullets then you might be happy to now that the new weapon PP-19 Bizon Gun which takes the 9mm ammo is going to be introduced in the new season. The new weapon will support different attachments of scopes and muzzles and looks compact when compared to UMP. There is a rumor that we will also see a new canted sight but it is still just a ‘rumor’ and cannot be confirmed yet. But the chances of these rumors to be true are high as both of these are already available on the PC version of the game.

Royal Pass

If you have been a consistent fan of the PUBG Mobile Royal Pass then you will definitely not want to skip this season’s Elite Royal Pass. The new Elite Royal Pass will yet again be priced at 600 UC and will push you to a couple of ranks while the Elite Plus will be for 1800 UC which will directly take you to rank 25. The passes will offer a lot of skins, outfits, and rewards worth 4,000 UC and for the Elite Upgrade Pass, the rewards will be worth 10,000 UC. The new pass will also bring two new emotes called Triumphant Victory and Spawn Island Line Dance. It is said that the new PUBG Mobile Royal Pass should start rolling next week.



Skins and Outfits

“Season 7 was the worst when it comes to Skins and Outfits in the Royal Pass”, most of the PUBG Mobile lovers will agree to the above statement. Season 7 let down a lot of its fans with the skins and the outfits the royal pass offered, but to compensate Season 7 the developers at PUBG mobile have added great outfits and skins in the upcoming Season. There will be a ‘Shark’s Bite’ skin for the DP28, ‘Swamp Horror’ SLR, ‘Scarlet Horror’ Scar-L and many more. Then there are skins for the UAZ called the ‘Deep Sea’, and some interesting costumes like the Squad Leader set, Delta Squad set, Shells on the Shore set, and many more.