WhatsApp will soon show how many times a message has been forwarded

WhatsApp has been one of the most prominent messaging services around the world, but it has recently faced scrutiny over how it is not able to handle fake messages from spreading like a fire and misleading people.

WhatsApp has been trying hard to curb all this and is implementing new features that would help it to control these type of messages. And one upcoming feature would certainly help as it would give insight on how many times a message has been forwarded.


This feature was spotted by a user in the beta build, which was showing additional forwarding information. After checking the information of the message on selecting it, the new feature will show how many times the message has been forwarded.

WhatsApp probably believes that these types of features would help users to understand how to differentiate between fake and real news, and better understand the authenticity of the message.

The feature is still not avaible in public build, and won’t be availale for some time probably, but we can soon expect it to be available as a WhatsApp update on the playstore.


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