13 reasons why season 3 trailer released

13 reasons why is one of the most popular teenage drama on Netflix. It was released on 2017 and is about a young girl committing suicide and has all her friends as suspects and record tapes telling 13 reasons about why she killed herself. Season 2 was more about the depth of all the tapes she made and about the court cases where we all thought that Bryce walker who sexually assaulted her will be behind the bars but was set free.

The most astounding thing happened today when Netflix released the trailer for season 3. It opens with a girl narrating the whole episode but it’s not Hannah baker. Then there’s shown little glimpses of all the characters and at the end, there are gathered all the Liberty high schoolmates around at the funeral of Bruce walker. And at the end of the video are these words written: “Who killed Bryce walker?”

The show has faced serious critic problems regarding some scenes that were too intense and was said that the show was promoting sexual abuse and suicides. Recently, a clip from the finale episode was removed from the series as it was extremely vigorous to watch.


Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay Jensen has something to say on Twitter which assures us that the wait was after all worth it. He says “i know i never really tweet about 13 reasons why but I gotta say some of these last few scripts of season 3 are the show’s best. alright that’s all “

Go watch the trailer and remember, it’s releasing on August 23rd.