BMW X6 is arriving as the “world’s blackest car” covered in Vantablack paint

BMW is all set for a unique take on the automobile design as it will unveil the blackest car in the world. The BMW X6 coupe model will be covered in the darkest paint, the Vantablack paint finish will be the blackest paint on the car.

The Vantablack paint is known for its light-absorbing characteristics as it absorbs up to 99.96 percent of the light and is one of the darkest substances known.

This paint is certainly not meant for cars, as it hides all the details from the product it is applied on, however, the Vantablack paint used on the car would be a bit different as it would allow a small amount of reflection.


According to BMW, the one-off X6 Coupé is the first and only car to be covered in any Vantablack variant. Other highlights of the car include its Iconic Glow kidney grille, twin headlights, and taillights. Take a first look at the car in the “world’s blackest black” in the gallery above.


This is a result of the collaboration between BMW and Surrey NanoSystems, with the latter being the inventors of Vantablack technology.

    Ben Jensen, founder and Chief Technical Officer of Surrey NanoSystems explains, “We turned down numerous requests from various automobile manufacturers in the past, and it took the BMW X6 and its unique, expressive design for us to entertain the idea.”

The car will be shown at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show and will be a one-off car with Vantablack paint.