Ninja hits 1 Million Subscriber count on Mixer in just 5 days

Only after five days of switching platforms, Tyler Belvins, better Known by his online handle “Ninja”, has successfully crossed 1 Million Subscriber mark on his new streaming platform, ‘Mixer’. “Thank you for all the incredible support,” he said on Twitter. “I haven’t felt this good in a long time.” The Microsoft owned platform made the most popular streamer of twitch, Belvin, to jump ship from twitch targeting a huge amount of audience to shift the platforms as soon as possible and it seems they have been successful in doing so. One Million subs in less than a week is a big leap for both the company and the gamer himself. To get a sense of scale here, 1 million subscribers in a few days is not only more subs than any other streamer on Mixer, but it’s also more than every other streamer on Mixer combined.

It has been rumored that Ninja had signed a $50 million deal with Microsoft to make this shift of platforms, which now seems like a great deal the company had made to boost its viewership significantly, considering the tough competitors already in the business like Youtube and Twitch. Also, the superfast growth of subscribers is a result of the exclusive deal provided by the company which gives a free one-month subscription to Ninja’s channel. After September 30th, though, fans will have to pay a fee — probably $5.99– for subscriber perks such as custom emotes and ad-free streams.

It will be interesting to see what happens after the free subscription is revoked and the viewers will have to pay a monthly subscription fee as mentioned which will be the true test for Ninja’s popularity. Assuming that all the one million subscribers start paying for a channel subscription, then this will solidify the huge popularity of Belvin and will prove that the celebrity gamer made the right call ditching Twitch and choosing Mixer over it.

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March 23, 2019

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Meanwhile, the deal seems to be worthwhile for Microsoft. Why? Well, all those extra eyeballs should naturally wander while Ninja is offline and raise Mixer’s overall viewership. That, in turn, will attract more creators and, potentially, stave off competition from sites like YouTube, which is planning deep, streamer-friendly integrations with Google’s Stadia streaming service.

Other Twitch Streamers like Guy “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm also commented on this huge subs count in such a short interval of time. Beahm on a recent stream said, “I just have a feeling — and I’m just kind of going off gut right now — that unless they pick up somebody, a few other big names, I think [Blevins’] numbers are going to go down.” Beahm added it has nothing to do with Blevins or his content, but rather “exposure on the platform.” The argument that many streamers have made is that Mixer needs a few more big names, which the company may be working on.