Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT headphones, best under $100!

Sennheiser has been a big name is the headphone market, and this is also the case with the Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Wireless Headphones. They are the best in the price range not going over the top just providing the best deal for your money.

They come in black color with some details in the gray, well this is the only color option they offer. Besides this, design-wise they are pretty minimal, not enough details apart from the Sennheiser logo on the bars.

    They might not be the best out there, but at the price point they are offered, they do provide some great features and amazing sound quality.


Bass is good, it is never overpowering, but if you are a person who loves bass then you might be a bit disappointed. Where these headphones really have an edge is the voice quality, crisp and clear acoustics and sound they offer. They offer a great balance of the bass and great sound quality.

Battery life is amazing, they easily go a full week of usage on one time of charge, according to Sennheiser these headphones provide 25 of battery life which is pretty amazing for a wireless headphone.

These are wireless headphones but you do get 3.5mm wire just so you run out of battery and need to plug into a mobile phone.


All the controllers are on the right earcup, there are volume controls, power button, then there is a play/pause or track switcher, along with them you have 3.5mm jack, USB cutout, and a mic.

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Something interesting is that they have NFC, so if your phone supports NFC it is going to be really easy to connect to these headphones. But something disappointing is that these do not have noise cancellation feature, for all the amazing features if they would have included noise cancellation, these headphones would have been a real blast.


Earcups have this comfortable cushions, but over long usage, you might start to feel a bit of strain as they are not the lightest headphones down there. Clamp and the whole bar is pretty tough, the headphones overall are pretty durable, and they even fold so that you can easily carry them in a bag.

These headphones are a pretty great choice at this price point, only if you can ignore the fact that bass is not going to be super awesome. Otherwise, they are an amazing deal.