Tens of thousands of apps suspended by Facebook over data privacy concern

Data protection has become a key concern for major tech companies and after being at the receiving end of major allegations of misuse of personal data, Facebook is trying hard to curb down anything that they think will put the user data to risk.

Facebook announced that they have removed a staggering number of apps as part of their investigation of improper data use by third-party developers. This all has come in the wake of Cambridge Analytica Scandal, due to which Facebook received major backlash.

Last year in may the company revealed that they have suspended 200 apps, and this number jumped to 400 apps in August 2018. Now after one year Facebook is claiming that they have investigated millions of apps and suspended tens of thousands of apps.


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September 20, 2019

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Facebook said these apps were sourced to around 400 developers. In a https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2019/09/an-update-on-our-app-developer-investigation/ >blog post Ime Archibong, VP of Product Partnerships detailed:

    It is important to understand that the apps that have been suspended are associated with about 400 developers. This is not necessarily an indication that these apps were posing a threat to people. Many were not live but were still in their testing phase when we suspended them. It is not unusual for developers to have multiple test apps that never get rolled out. And in many cases, the developers did not respond to our request for information so we suspended them, honoring our commitment to take action.


Facebook has been going through a rough phase regarding its policies on how it handles user data, and Federal Trade Commission announced a $5 billion settlement with Facebook over privacy breaches.