Sennheiser launches GSP 370 Wireless Gaming Headset with expected battery life of 100 hours

Sennheiser, a German privately-held audio company, well known for the production of a wide range of high fidelity audio products has recently launched its latest wireless gaming headset, the GSP 370. The company claims that their new product can last over 4 months on a single charge with a battery life of over 100-hour for the gamers who play about six hours a week. Also, along with such great battery life, the device can be used while charging it alongside, providing an interrupt free gameplay to the users.

The Sennheiser GSP 370 has a frequency response of 20-20,000Hz and packs dynamic drivers. Integrated digital sound processing brings out the best audio experience giving its users exceptional bass performance and super clarity. Different surround sound modes, an equalizer, microphone options, and ready-to-use presets for special occasions have been provided by the Sennheiser Gaming Suite for Windows®. Like all other Sennheiser Gaming headsets, the GSP 370 features a broadcast quality noise-canceling microphone, which actively minimizes background noise and can be muted by simply lifting the boom arm. The game audio is synchronized with the Windows® volume control and can be adjusted intuitively via an integrated volume wheel on the ear cup.

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Definitely when talking about such a huge company like Sennheiser build quality and comfort is something you will never have to compromise with. The company this time has featured an around-ear design, with oversized ear cushions, which is said to offer improved comfort over the Sennheiser GSP 300 headset. The earpads are made of two types of materials — a leatherette exterior for sound insulation and a suede-like material for the inner parts, which is said to reduce heat build-up and sweating. You also get a noise-canceling microphone, which is said to be “broadcast” quality and dynamically minimizes background noise. The mic can be automatically muted by simply lifting the boom arm.

Andreas Jessen, Director of Product Management Gaming at Sennheiser Communications A/S said:


    “With the GSP 370, we are adding another wireless gaming headset to our portfolio that not only features our highly praised low-latency connection but also provides an impressive battery life. All this is rounded off with the typical Sennheiser virtues: high wearing comfort, premium craftsmanship, and exceptional audio experience”

Price and Availability

The new GSP 370 is now available for you to purchase in Sennheiser’s webshop at a recommended retail price of $199.95. If you purchase the gaming headset from the Sennheiser website, you will also receive the GSA 50 headset hanger (value: €34,90) free of charge.