The new AirPods pro: Everything you need to know

Magic like you’ve never heard. Sweat and water resistant. Wireless charging case. Voice-activated Siri. Transparency mode.” Says the official apple website.

The apple airpods cost $249 and comes along a Qi wireless charging case.

There are a lot of flaws that needed to be corrected in the original airpods that we use. The battery life isn’t sufficient to go for the whole day. The irritating plastic body which hurts. The one size fit design and no noise cancellation. Well, all these flaws will be overlooked by the new airpods pro.


Let’s talk about it’s changed new look first. Finally it has a rubber tip now which will not hurt our ears for a change. Apple will include three sizes of flexible silicon ear tips. Apple says that the ear tip provide a comfy fit and superior seal.

Squeeze the stem to play or pause your music, squeeze it two times to skip forward a track, and squeeze it three times to skip back. Pressing and holding will also switch between different listening modes, which we’ll get to in a second.

Active Noise Cancellation worked well in our testing, drowning out the sound of a loud furnace fan and people in nearby offices. There’s also a Transparency mode that Apple added, which tunes down Active Noise Cancellation so you can hear the environment around you. Swapping between Active Noise Cancellation and the Transparency mode that lets you hear traffic, announcements, and more, can be done with a press and hold on the stem of the AirPods Pro. You can also turn it off and on using the Control Center on the iPhone.


It’s worth mentioning that the AirPods Pro are IPX4 water resistant, which means they’re going to hold up to sweat and perhaps some light splashing from the rain, but you shouldn’t submerge them and should make an effort to keep them dry when possible.

If you are a fan of the AirPods, you will definitely love AirPods pro and AirPods pro 2 which comes with all the additional features mentioned above.