WhatsApp added a new feature of fingerprint lock

WhatsApp has just added new updates in the app which can be used for Android and ios users.

Firstly the feature that is advantageous to Android users is that they can now the in app built fingerprint lock. They just have to unable the fingerprint lock on the apo by going to the settings>account>privacy>enable fingerprint lock. The fingerprint feature will be enabled by the phone’s fingerprint sensor itself.

By enabling the fingerprint lock feature, users can protect their private WhatsApp messages now. The app will only be opened by the user’s fingerprint now. Yes, there does exist the phone in built fingerprint sensor but it also shows the pattern or number lock which can be known to other people. With the new fingerprint lock Android users don’t need to worry about that happening. And, even though fingerprint lock is enabled, WhatsApp users will still be able to answer voice and video calls.


Moving on, let’s talk about the updates WhatsApp has for iphone users. Netflix trailers are now available on PiP mode. WhatsApp has now unabled the pip (picture-in-picture) mode for iphone users which means that if a Netflix link has been sent, people can now watch it without switching between bith the apps. They can stay on WhatsApp and see the trailer within the app using pip mode. This feature is however available only on WhatsApp for iPhones as of now.

WhatsApp’s latest beta updates for Android and iOS show more development for the much awaited dark mode. Whatsapp‘s dark mode will soon be available to public beta users. WhatsApp has also enabled the splash screen option for dark mode. The lock has also been updated for the dark mode to be enabled. WhatsApp is working on different dark themes for Android and iphone users. Soon, there will be the word as to when the dark mode will be available for users.