Justin Bieber accused of stealing a melody which is actually royalty-free

Justin Bieber recently dropped his new studio album ‘Changes’, and within a day he got accused of stealing someone else’s work. The track that was in the center of the debate was ‘Running Over’ and the accusations were put forward by artist Asher Monroe, who has a similar track for his single Synergy.

But it turns out nobody owns this beat and no one stole anything as the track sampled in both the songs is a royalty-free sample which is available on online sounds marketplace splice.com by the producer Laxcity.

Watch this video to listen to the similarity in both the tracks.


Accusations were put forward by Asher Monroe, pointing out the similarity in his and Justin’s tracks, but Laxcity came into Justin’s defense and put out a tweet explaining how he put out the sample.


Even Bieber replied to his tweet confirming he is the real creator of the beat.

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