Rockstar Games might be teasing GTA 6 on its website

Rockstar Games the publisher behind GTA V, is updating its website with all new mystery imagery which has left many fans to speculate that all new GTA 6 is on the way.

The images appear when the menu is opened, there are couple of images that are displaying, one such is with the Rockstar logo showing various lines such as “fighting the righteous,” “killing dreams,” and “bullying”.

Well this is still no evidence that this means anything for GTA 6, many are also speculating that this will can be a tease for Rockstar Games’ next installment of Bully franchise.



Another image that has been appearing is of a humanoid with champagne holding a Rockstar logo. Rockstar Games has earlier announced Red Redemption 2 in a similar way when they swapped their Twitter logo without warning.

So we will have to wait for a while since everything becomes clear, but this all has got the GTA fam anticipated with the next release of the franchise.

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