With Wi-Fi calling there is no need for mobile recharge

All we know from the last couple of months the recharge plans of Telecom companies increased. Seeing this, Airtel introduced the new technology named Wi-Fi-Calling which is in use by all Mobile phone companies.

For Wi-Fi-Calling users just need high-speed internet and a mobile device that supports the Wi-Fi-Calling technology and an Airtel SIM until other Telecom companies introduce this feature.

Even users don’t need to download any application to run this feature. To enable this feature Go to Settings>>SIM and network settings>>Airtel SIM>>Wi-Fi-Calling. Companies like Apple, Oneplus, Samsung introduce this feature in most of their smartphones through Software Update.


After enabling this feature in your smartphone in high-speed Wi-Fi connection your Airtel calls to switch to Wi-Fi-Calling and no charges will be placed and you don’t even need any special kind of recharge plan to enjoy Wi-Fi-Calling. 

If there is no network range in your area you will enjoy the calls with Hd quality that’s why Wi-Fi-Calling is known as a Game changer for the Airtel amongst all the Telecom companies. For the seamless experience of calls you may turn on the Volte option even if you move out from the Wi-Fi range you enjoy the same quality with any delay in sound. 

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March 1, 2020

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