US Biotech company Moderna claims its Coronavirus vaccine is ready for tests

Coronavirus has affected over 80,000 people all over the world and increased the death toll to more than 2,000. But now US biotech firm Moderna has claimed that its coronavirus vaccine is ready for initial tests.

Just after 6 months working on the immunization, Moderna has shipped experimental samples to the US Government researchers.

US Government can start the initial trails by the end of April, in which the vaccine would be tested on a small group of healthy individuals to test if the vaccine produces an immune response that protects against the virus.


Even if the clinical trial is successful, further testing and regulatory approvals would be needed before the vaccine could be deployed widely. And this all could take about a year and only after that the vaccine can be deployed for wider use.

Moderna has claimed that it has developed the vaccine within 42 days after obtaining the genetic information of coronavirus.

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