Elon Musk said Tesla Cybertruck will get a smaller model

tesla cybertruck

Elon Musk has hinted that Tesla Cybertruck might get a smaller version in the future. Well, Cybertruck is a kind of a very big SUV with large width proportions. So it might not be such a great deal for all the places around the world.

Replying to a tweet Elon Musk said the possibility of smaller Cybertruck is “highly likely down the road“.

This new version might still be years away as the Cybertruck itself will be available for purchase in late 2021. But it is still assuring that the company is thinking about a smaller model.


Elon Musk recently commented that the Cybertruck is the perfect vehicle for the apocalypse. Cybertruck has a bulletproof body, shatterproof glass, an onboard generator, and an air compressor. But still, the glasses broke down at the launch event by a small metal ball.

Some modifications will be made on the final model, but they will only improve the vehicle, as per Elon Musk.

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