James Gunn had revealed that he was given full freedom to kill anyone in Suicide Squad 2

suicide squad 2

Director James Gunn has given a very interesting detail about the Suicide Squad reboot, any character can die in the movie. He was given complete freedom to kill any character in the movie no matter how big the character was.

James Gunn was roped in to direct the sequel, which is not really a direct sequel. The original movie had some great characters like Harley Quinn, Joker and Deadshot, but the movie was still not a big fan favorite. In this movie James Gunn is going to change everything up.

This movie will have some characters from the original movie like Harley Quinn and Rick Flag, and a lot of new characters like John Cena, Irdis Elba and Pete Davidson.

Gunn revealed that DC gave him permission to do pretty much anything he wanted:


But in The Suicide Squad, some of the characters end up being good, some end up being terrible. They don’t just get in fights and say they’re going to kill each other, they actually do get in fights and kill each other. You really don’t know who’s going to live and who’s going to die. I was given full freedom to kill anyone – and I mean anyone – by DC.

Gunn has said in an interview that his version of the Suicide Squad will be totally different than the first movie. He revealed that characters are not only killing their enemies but also each other.

The first Suicide Squad was not able to meet the mark, and James Gunn is trying his best to make this movie a fan favorite and take the craziness to the next level.

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