spotify bad listening

This A.I. will judge and roast you on your Spotify listening habit

Spotify at the end of every year releases Spotify Wrapped, putting out playlists about top songs that year and what users listened to the most. But now a website uses an A.I. tool to give you an idea of how bad your Spotify listening habit is.

The Pudding a digital culture website has come up with an A.I. bot that destroys any sense of pride you have in your taste of music.

To use this bot all you have to do is visit the website and log into your Spotify. Then you will be asked to answer a few questions as the bot tries to make fun of your listening habit. At the end of the process, the bot will give you a full report, which is based on things like which tracks you listen to too much and artists that you are listening to a lot.

This is the complete opposite of Spotify Wrapped and is very judgemental and rude in giving you opinions about your Spotify.


Here are some of the reports that the tool gave some users: