You can now watch the first six minutes of TENET on YouTube, watch here

Christopher Nolan recently went on a very public tirade about the importance of movies, including his, being seen on the big screen — but if anyone’s interested in watching Tenet’s opening prologue, they can do so now on YouTube.

Warner Bros. has posted the film’s first six minutes on YouTube ahead of the movie’s digital release next week. Don’t worry about spoilers for the time-warping heist film, there aren’t any. The scene follows John David Washington’s Protagonist and a couple of other characters as they enter an auditorium to complete a mission. That’s really all you need to know. It’s pretty fun, entirely Christopher Nolan segment that works on its own.

Both Tenet and Nolan have become part of the news cycle again following Nolan’s condemning of Warner Bros. for deciding to release all 17 of its 2021 films on HBO Max the same day they debut in theaters. As Nolan put it in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, “Some of our industry’s biggest filmmakers and most important movie stars went to bed the night before thinking they were working for the greatest movie studio and woke up to find out they were working for the worst streaming service.” Since then, other directors including Dune director Denis Villeneuve and Judd Apatow have voiced their own displeasure with Warner Bros. decision.

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