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General Motors unveiled a concept flying Cadillac at CES 2021

General Motors at the CES showcased some futuristic concept vehicles, and one of them is a flying drone that will be used to carry passengers. The drone has been named VTOL flying car (Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle).

This drone will be self-driving and will carry passengers from one rooftop to another at a max speed of 55 miles an hour.

This is part of Cadillac Halo Portfolio and is GM’s first design in aerial mobility. This is still a design and no plans were put forward to have this in manufacturing soon.

"It's a concept for when time is of the essence," GM's Michael Simcoe said at the event.

The vehicle is intended for short flights across towns. Cadillac visions to have landing pads on the rooftops for its vehicle so that passengers can easily take a trip to another part of the town.

Apart from this Cadillac also revealed another concept vehicle which is a self-driving electric shuttle.

Other automakers, including Toyota Motor, Hyundai Motor, and Geely Automobile, have previously have shown concept aerial vehicles as part of their future planning.

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