parler ceo fired

Parler CEO fired and what went wrong for the app

I tried Parler but found it confusing and the people on it appeared to be only conservatives. I enjoy a debate with other of different viewpoints. The ones where you can civility talk about your differences without coming to blows. From the few days I tried it out there were people with good ideas and ones that were extremists.  

Their ideas, while they sounded good, did not end up that way. Many people went on there for a free for all bashing session littered with violent comments. I do believe this was not Parler’s original intent. It started as an app, unlike Twitter where free speech was not limited. It seems with such high tensions between the two parties this was not what happened. It appears that the app did not realize how people were going to behave on their site and were no ready to moderate like it should have been.

Amazon, Apple, and Google have banned the Parler social networking app after the January 6ths attack on the US Capital. Apple and Google say they will restore the app only if Parler has a better moderation service in place. Amazon Web Services was their service account and they notified John Matze, the Chief Executive they would no longer host his service.

Matze’s response to this was an attack by the giant tech to get rid of competition that might take some of their business. He also believes that his platform became too successful too fast. If that’s true or not maybe something we won’t know. Since it was primarily conservatives, many of which Twitter banned it doesn’t sound fact-based.


Parlor made a change recently and let the CEO John Matze go. He reportedly stated that he has been unilaterally removed from the company. Matze continued to say he did not participate in this decision but instead the Rebekah Mercer who controls the board made the decision. After the shut down of Parler Matze continued to try to work endlessly to get the Parler site running but states now it is out of his hands.

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