Check if your data was compromised in the latest Facebook data breach

facebook data breach

Facebook account data of over 533 million users was leaked online recently in a huge Facebook data breach, which included data such as email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook IDs, birthdates, etc.

Now if you are worried if your data might have been also stolen, well there is a way that you can check if your details were part of that leak.

Have I Been Pwned, the site by Troy Hunter, is a repository that tracks various data breaches. Here you can check if your data has been part of not only the Facebook data breach but also any other data leak in the recent past.

All you have to do is add your email id or phone number and it gives you the result in the form of data breaches that your account is part of.


And if you do find out that your data has been compromised? Some of the steps you can take are to change the passwords of compromised sites, use a password manager so that you can create and track unique passwords for each site (so that if one is compromised, it won’t affect any others), use two-factor authentication for additional security, and stay alert for news of any other breaches.

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