Among Us Airship Map is finally here, the biggest map yet

among us airship

Among Us has finally dropped its Airship map, the biggest one yet. This is the game’s fourth map and contains all new tasks along with all new hats for players to choose from. The map was initially announced by Developer InnerSloth at Game Awards 2020 in December.

InnerSloth detailed the update through a blogpost. The new map will have multiple floors that players will be able to access, the developers also claim to have updated the art style with cleaner lines and an easier animation process.

Among Us has also improved how the characters move around in the game by including ladders and moving platforms. Lastly, the new update provides more hats for players to choose from, including a heart pin, angry eyebrows, unicorn head, among others. For players to experience the new features, they should have at least iOS 13 or Android 6 or above.

Every room is clearly distinct making it easier to identify rooms on such a big map, new tasks have been introduced like cleaning jewel, taking out the trash, etc.


The new update will also give players the ability to pick the room they start in as well as provide new areas to explore in the game.

If you have already experienced gameplay in the new map, share your thoughts with us.

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