Google goes against Roku by adjoining YouTube Tv to the main YouTube app

google roku

A week just after their damaged-down negotiations spilled into the community, Google and Roku haven’t been capable to get an offer to renew YouTube TV’s presence on the substantial streaming platform.

But Google has appeared up with anything of a workaround in the meantime: it is likely to allow individuals to obtain YouTube Television straight from the primary YouTube application.

YouTube users will start seeing a “Go to YouTube TV” option in the main YouTube app over the next few days. When they select that, they’ll then be switched over to the standard YouTube TV user experience.

This option is coming to Roku devices first — where it’s currently most needed — but will also come to YouTube on other platforms as well.


Google also said today that it’s “in ongoing, long-term conversations with Roku to certify that new devices meet our technical requirements,” yet more confirmation that the company is insisting hardware makers implement support for AV1 decoding.

In essence, Google basically packs YouTube TV apps into YouTube itself. This is a solution that is very unlikely to satisfy Roku.

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