Only 4 percent of iOS users letting apps track them after iOS 14.5 update

apple ios 14.5

Apple recently released the iOS 14.5 update to the public which introduces a special feature to give users the ability to stop apps from tracking their activity across apps for ad targeting purposes.

Now a new data shows that only 4 percent of the users have said ‘Yes‘ to allow apps in tracking their activity. All the other users are saying ‘No‘.

The data was shared by Verizon Media-owned Flurry Analytics, which is an analytics tool installed in 1 million apps. The company has been tracing the option rate across apps since the iOS 14.5 update.

That rate has consistently been around 4 percent for users in the United States. It’s significantly higher worldwide, with average daily opt-ins around 12 percent.


iOS users can entirely have the app not tracking their activity by simply going into the Settings > Privacy > Tracking, and there they can toogle ‘Allow Apps to Request to Track‘ as off.

Facebook has been one of the companies that have been very vocal about Apple’s new feature as it will impact Facebook’s ad targeting business.

Other companies, like Snapchat and Twitter, have also acknowledged that the change will likely impact their business. 

Let us know if you would allow apps to track your activity or turn the tracking off entirely.