The trailer for G.I. Joe ‘Snake Eyes’ is here, watch it now

G.I. Joe is back with another movie and this time it is a prequel and is an origins story to one of the fan-favorite characters Snake Eyes. The story revolves around the origins of Snake Eyes and how he became one of the main characters of G.I. Joe.

Paramount Pictures today released a trailer, if you haven’t watched it , here it is:

It will be interesting to see what is the story behind the character of Snake Eyes and what really happened that led the character to wear that helmet.

The movie stars Henry Golding who rose to fame from the movie Crazy Rich Asians. The trailer gives a glimpse of the samurai-style action that we will see in the movie.


While talking about the film, Golding told Collider, “Snakes Eyes isn’t a superhero film“. He revealed that the film is loaded with Easter eggs for the fans, and how the ending of the film “is truly the beginning. You will be left wanting for more and yearning for the expansion of this universe.

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