YouTube will pay $100 million to creators for using its ‘Shorts’ app

youtube shorts

YouTube is trying to compete with TikTok by paying creators to use YouTube Shorts and post content throughout the year. YouTube plans to pay up to $100 million to creators, in a way to encourage them to post consistently.

YouTube Shorts does not have an inbuilt way to make money so this is how YouTube is planning creators to make money for their content.

Exactly how much creators can earn is still up in the air. YouTube says that it’ll reach out to creators on a monthly basis, looking for people with the most engagement and views. “Thousands” of creators could get paid each month, YouTube says, and basically anyone who posts to Shorts is eligible. The one caveat is that their videos have to be original content, and, of course, abide by YouTube’s community guidelines.

YouTube Shorts were first launched in the US in the month of March which is very much similar to TikTok having a full-screen feed of short video clips that play one after another endlessly.


Various other companies are implementing the same strategy of paying their creators to stick to their platforms, even TikTok launched a $200 million creators fund in July 2020.

Shorts has been launched in the US and India for now and that is where payments are available for now. But YouTube is planning to expand its availability as Shorts is rolled to more regions. As per YouTube, the fund will last through some point in 2022.

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