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Here’s why days 5 to 10 are important for covid 19 patient

As the number of covid cases is increasing all over India with two different strains of coronavirus, it has been hard in deciding the actual symptoms in positive patients.

But the early starting days which can also be called stage 1 have proven very crucial in determining the patients recovering condition.

The recovery process depends on the symptoms of the person which as per the current situation can be different for different people. This is why tracking symptoms is necessary. After day 5 it is called the second stage and this stage can be serious.

It’s important to take proper medicine and care of the patient during this stage or it can lead to stage 3 of covid 19.


Stage 3 is a danger zone. Till this stage, the infection may have damaged your entire or more than half of your lungs which in return leads to severe hypoxemia, and it’s hard to recover from that.

Therefore early diagnosis and treatment are a must. Stay safe.

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