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Google wins cloud deal to provide Starlink internet services

Google recently won a deal to provide cloud service to Elon Musk’s SpaceX. SpaceX launched a slew of Starlink satellites to provide high-speed internet on Thursday.

SpaceX has hoped to create a constellation of satellites that would provide high-speed internet connection even in remote regions.

SpaceX will install ground stations within Google’s data centers that will connect to the Starlink satellites, enabling fast and secure internet services via Google Cloud. The service will be available in the second half of 2021.

This is a great deal for Google as in a competing space where Amazon and Microsoft are already strong competitors, this deal strengthens Google’s position in the fast-growing cloud computing market.


Last October, Microsoft won a similar deal from SpaceX to connect its Azure cloud computing platform to Starlink.

This is also a new kind of deal for Google as the company has been managing clients that focus more on its computing and storage needs. But with SpaceX, Google’s networking capabilities will be tested.

The customer devices that the company will sell will link up with the satellites and then the satellites would link with Google data centers. From there, customers can easily run applications using Google’s cloud services.

SpaceX‘s internet services would prove beneficial to people living in remote locations with limited internet access, even organizations would be able to take advantage of fast Google cloud servers to run their applications.


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