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Google introduces Material You, which lets you redesign your Android

The first day of Google’s IO conference took place today and was being streamed on YouTube. The three-day event is being held virtually after being canceled last year and we have seen some interesting innovations today.

One interesting thing that Google announced is updates on the design for its new Android 12. Google is calling it ‘Material You‘ and is bringing major design changes from redesigned widgets to apps.

Instead of Google setting color schemes for its apps and widgets, Google will let users create their own color palates, and these color schemes won’t be limited to only smartphone, but the designs will also follow your phone to other platforms, including web, Chrome OS, smart displays and other Google Products.

Users will be able to change a lot of design setting for the widget and apps, that includes contrast, size and other characteristics to make it visually fit for your needs.


Apart from this the system will use extraction technology to analyze the wallpaper and will determine colors that would look great and complement the wallpaper.

Material You design is coming to Pixel phones this fall and will roll out to more Google’s products over the next year.

Also the Android 12 beta is going live today so you can also test Material You design on that too.

Stay tuned to KNine Vox for more updates from Google IO. For more tech news: Google wins cloud deal to provide Starlink internet services