Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp to be banned in India from May 26?

These social media platforms failed to follow new norms announced by the government. The central government came out with a new set of rules on 25th February which were necessary to be accepted by these social media platforms.

But according to reports none of these platforms have accepted a new set of its rules. If these platforms don’t comply with these rules they may have to face serious consequences from the government. However, Facebook says they are working in terms of new rules.

So what happens now?

As far as 26 May is concerned these social media platforms will continue to work till the government takes action against them.

As of now, there are 53 crore WhatsApp users, 21 crore Instagram clients, and 41 crore Facebook subscribers.


Banning these platforms will be a major decision and will affect the audience too. Comment your thoughts below.

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