Can Elon Musk be the first person to have a trillion-dollar fortune/net worth?

In this money-heist life, being richer is something that everyone wishes for. And being among the world’s richest persons is something of a dream come true.
So let’s know all about the net worth of Elon Musk.
Elon Musk being among the world’s richest and the CEO of Tesla is making a total of $241 billion last Monday. Which according to Bloomberg Billionaire Index is $42 billion more than that of Amazon Jeff Bezos.
Elon Musk manages this net worth from Tesla as well as Space X which serves as a fledgling space exploration business.

More about Space-X

Space X is the privately held most highly valued company in the world amongst all the industries. Which all is credited to the reusable rockets with the rise in potential industries. And all of the benefactory from it directly impacts Elon Musk as he owns 48% of SpaceX.

On Monday he made the largest single gain following the order of Hertz which demanded 100000 vehicles which is almost the same annual net worth of the 34th richest person in the world.
And also that Tesla is currently on its longest streak of profitability in its 18-year history.
So all the above factors refer to Musk being the first one with a trillion-dollar net worth.