Smart Investments for 2022

Coronavirus has made a lot of things uncertain right now and the economy is just one of the things it has impacted negatively. That’s why, if you are lucky enough to have savings going into 2022, it is a really good idea to invest them as sensibly as you can to help you weather what is sure to be an uncertain economic future.

With that in mind, here are some of the smartest investment options in 2022:

Real estate

No matter the economy, people need places to live and work, which is why real estate is almost always a safe bet. That is not to say that the market does not fluctuate, but if you can get a decent mortgage – these mortgage quotes will help you determine that – and you take the time to find properties that are affordable but have the potential for renovation, or which are located in an up and coming area where demand is likely to increase, chances are you can get a decent return on your investment even in this tough economy. Just make sure you do your homework first.

Your education

One of the best things that you can invest in right now, especially if you are a young person in India is your education. The higher level of education you have, the better your job opportunities will be, and that means you will be able to earn more money whether at home or abroad. Education gives you more options than you would otherwise have, which is why money invested in solid skills that are desired around the globe, is never money wasted.


United Linked Insurance Plan

Often touted as the best investment option in India, with good reason, ULIPs are extremely safe and very smart investments due to the fact that they are tax-exempt, which means you can potentially make a lot of money without having to hand a significant chunk over to the government at the end of your 3-5 year investment period. Just bear in mind your money will be locked in for at least 3 years so you will not be able to access it in case of emergencies.

National Pension Scheme

Investing in your future, particularly your retirement, is imminently sensible because no one wants to work forever or end up living on the breadline when they are older, and the National Pension Scheme is probably your safest bet right now. The more money you pay in now, the more money you will have stored up for your retirement and the less hard you will need to work later. Of course, your policy won’t mature until you reach the age of 760, so you probably won’t want to put all of your money into your NPS. but a decent chunk now will make life easier later. 

Investing in any of the above options is sure to make for a smart investment providing you do your homework and choose the scheme that is most suited to your current and future needs whatever they may be.