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July 23, 2017 Technology

Facebook may be working on modular smartphone concept

After Google scrapped its modular smartphone project - Project Ara, it looks like Facebook has quite interestingly decided to work on the concept as suggested by a patent submitted by Facebook as highlighted by Business Insider.

Facebook filed a patent for a ‘modular electrochemical device’ which will allow users to easily swap the components of the device. Facebook has not released any official statement so there is not much information on what kind of modular device company has in mind.

There is something quite interesting in this project as many key members associated with Project Ara are now working with Facebook at Building 8 which is Facebook’s consumer hardware division. The patent also included the image below:

Building 8 is also working on some of the amazing projects, like being able to write through your mind and understand language through the skin and now it could be home to one another innovative project. You can see the patent by clicking here.

Well, Facebook’s modular device is still under development and there is no official statement about when the device will be announced or released. Well still patent is filed by Facebook, but there is nothing for sure that the device will eventually hit the market.

Well just hope that eventually we will see a modular smartphone and give us your views on what you think about this patent. For more updates don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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