Google Home made cooking easier and fun - KNine Vox
April 28, 2017 Technology

Google Home made cooking easier and fun

Google home and amazon echo are pretty useful devices for day to day purposes of home and they are also helpful in kitchen. If you ask google home any recipe you want to know it will happily tell you about the recipe and will help in cook delicious food.

If you ask google home a recipe it will tell you step by step process of making it by repeating steps and moving on to the next step is pretty useful in and of itself. To power this, Google has indexed recipes from Bon Appetite, The New York Times, Food Network and others.

But google team thought that for starters it might be difficult to search without a screen. So instead of fully relying on the google home you can now search for the recipes on google assistant on your phone or the Google Search app for iOS and Android to find a recipe and then easily send it to the Google Home with the click of a button.

While asking about recipe you can also ask google home questions like “how much water do I need” and it will tell you the amount of it. And while doing all this you can also you can set timers and play music through google home.

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