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March 5, 2019 Automobiles

Honda E Prototype unveiled at Geneva Motor Show, will soon open for pre-orders

At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Honda unveiled their new e Prototype, which is pretty much closer to production and announced that they will be taking preorders for this compact car later this year.

Just like any other motor show anywhere in the world, the Geneva motor show also had its fair share of electric cars and Honda E was something really interesting and exciting. Honda E Prototype is the part of a bigger plan, Honda wants each one of their cars selling in Europe to be electric by 2025 and this new model perfectly fits in there.

This car has a range of 124 miles and is capable of charging to 80 percent in 30 minutes. Honda E Prototype is also dubbed as Honda Urban EV Concept, that's because of its smaller battery and thus it could only be used in local urban areas.

The car is currently planned for European markets only, the exterior provides a few retro looks with the interior having wooden panels combined with some latest tech out there.

One interesting design innovation is the inclusion of side cameras instead of side view mirrors. The side mounted cameras also act as turn signals.

The car showcased at the motor show is still a Prototype, and we still have to get a look at the Production release, there may be deviations from the prototype model, but still, this gives us a pretty good idea of what we are expecting of this car when it hits out the market.

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