Everything you need to know about Nintendo Switch

Nintendo recently released their new gaming console which is Nintendo Switch. This device got huge sales but between some mixed reviews. Below we have gathered everything you want to know about Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid device which can be used at home on a TV and also can be used as a portable console just like Nintendo’s Game Boy and DS. It has been give the name ‘Switch’ because we can switch between its home and portable configuration.

French Nintendo fan site Nintendo Actu says that the Joy-Cons are recognized natively on Windows via a Bluetooth connection. However, in order to actually use them to play games, players will need to install a third party app like JoyToKey so they can map out the specific buttons to Windows-based mouse and keyboard controls.

The same site says that the Joy-Cons also connect natively on Android. The bad news is that, according to its testing, the connection between controller and Android has a lot of latency issues, so that games don’t play correctly. It’s possible that other Android devices will have better connections to the Joy-Con controllers.


Also, software engineer Sam Williams reports the Joy-Cons also work on MacOS, again via Bluetooth. He states that in his experience the controllers didn’t need a third-party app to work like they do on Windows. He just linked them up to his MacBook Pro and started playing Ms Pac-Man with the controllers via OpenEmu.

As usual with this kind of discovery, keep in mind that the Joy-Cons were officially designed to work only with the Nintendo Switch hardware and games. As a result, your mileage in playing games with these controllers on other platforms will likely vary widely.