Smart Jacket from Google and Levis to be launched in fall for $350

Levi’s and Google’s ATAP division together made a jacket known as connected denim smart jacket. This innovative jacket was announced last year by Google but now we have a release date for the product and it also carries a price tag.

This jacket uses ATAP’s Project Jacquard Technology, which uses conductive fabric to turn a simple clothing article into a connected device. This is very simple to use as you just need to tap on the sleeve to perform certain actions such as answering calls, listening to music etc.

This jacket provides all the functionalities of a smartwatch but in a stylish way. It was earlier supposed to be launched this spring but now the launch has been delayed until fall and it will carry a price tag of $350.

Levi’s commuter trucker jacket looks really cool and gives an insight into the upcoming trends in the clothing industry. By integrating technology with a piece of clothing, definitely we are going to get something really amazing.