Bluetooth fidget spinner lets you keep track of your record

Are you a fidget spinner enthusiast? Do you perform various stunts with fidget spinner but no one is there to watch it?

Well, now BlueSpin has resolved your problem as they are about to launch a crowd-funding campaign for the “first Bluetooth fidget spinner.” The BlueSpin Bluetooth Spinner connects to an app on your phone and then changes the experience of using a fidget spinner.

With this app, you not only will be able to keep a track of your records but also will let you compete with your friends and even talk with them. The spinner includes a touch sensitive buttons on each side, and an accelerometer to track motion. It can also track the spins and speed of the spinner. The app will also tell you how cool you are whenever you perform a stunt like transferring spinner from one hand to other or balancing it on a single finger.



If you also want to change the experience of using fidget spinner you can claim your own Bluetooth Spinner for $49 when the Indiegogo campaign launches in July.


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