Scientists made a new high speed camera which can shoot 5 trillion images per second

A new camera which is developed in Sweden at Sweden’s Lund University built the craziest camera on earth. This camera is capable of shooting 5 trillion images per second. Earlier the highest fps camera was able to shoot at 100,000 fps.

With this new camera, scientists want to capture images of rapid processes in chemistry, physics, and biology which were previously impossible to watch with any other camera.

“Explosions, plasma flashes, turbulent combustion, brain activity in animals, and chemical reactions — we are now able to film such extremely short processes,” Elias Kristensson, a combustion physics researcher and co-inventor of the camera, said in a news release.

Combustion means a rapid chemical combination of a substance with oxygen, involving the production of heat and light. Scientists by this new camera want to examine this process so that they can make fuel-burning machines (like car engines gas turbines, and boilers) more energy efficient.


To shoot a chemical reaction the camera exposes it to light by firing off laser flashes. Each light pulse is given a unique code, and the object reflects those bursts of light, which merge into a single photograph. Next, those images are separated using an encryption key.

This camera has set a speed record and in addition, this camera has opened new abilities to film a chemical reaction in real time said a researcher. He also mentioned that without this camera we would have only been able to visualize these reactions.

Technology is getting better and better each day and these new technologies open new way to various things. This camera will also improve our lives in some way.