Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 may take bezelless display to another level

Bezelless display has been a new transformation in mobile technology which is now coming in every latest smartphone. And that’s what we will see in the next Xiaomi’s flagship i.e. Mi Mix 2. The earlier model, Xiaomi Mi Mix also had a bezelless display which amazed everyone with its display.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 which is rumored to have a bezelless display with a whole new level. In a concept video by its returning designer features Mi Mix 2 with almost no bezel at its edges. It is said that Mi Mix 2 will even not be having bezels at its chin like Samsung galaxy s8 and essential phone. If this information is right then Mi Mix 2 will become the smartphone we always have been looking for, a futuristic smartphone with no bezels, just a display in front.

But of course, concept videos and reality doesn’t really go together. Concept videos are just the expectations of fans so we cannot say anything about the Mi Mix 2. But if the video comes from an actual designer of the product, who has already experienced the product makes the distance between reality and concept to far less units.


If you are wondering where the front camera will be, then have a look at the video and you will know that it is hiding in the lower chin which is almost a little chin. Mi Mix 2 will be launching this year only and we are waiting to see the original product. Subscribe to our newsletter so that you never miss a news from technology to sports. And also follow us on social media for getting more information about us.