Facebook to lunch two smart speakers this July

Google and Alexa have covered the majority of smart speaker market and now with the entry of Apple Homepod, this market space much more competitive. But soon we will see a new entrant in the form of Facebook smart speakers.

According to DigiTimes, Facebook is planning to release two smart speakers in the month of July which have been codenamed Aloha and Fiona. These speakers will have a 15-inch touchscreen display and will encompass various social features and the capability to video chat with friends and family.

Aloha model will be named Portal according to the report and will have more features as compared to the other speaker and will also be a bit expensive. This model will have the ability to recognize voice commands and will also have facial recognition feature.


This move by Facebook will heat up the smart speakers market, which has already been crowded by various high-end devices from Amazon and Google. Earlier Facebook was looking to release the speakers in the month of May but they wanted to spend more time in perfecting the audio quality and optimizing the software.

Facebook could really dig deep into smart speaker business as there are not enough brands that provide quality smart speakers and could really help Facebook core business which is social media platform.

Let us know if you would buy these Facebook speakers or do you have any other alternative in your mind, tell us in the comments below.