Self-Driving slippers, forget self-driving cars for a while

A new era of self-driving is not far. Self-Driving don’t just include self-driving cars but also other self-driving gimmicks like self-driving stores and even self-driving slippers. Yes you heard it right, Nissan built its new marketing gimmick “Self driving slippers”. These slippers will automatically park themselves at the entrance of a traditional Japanese inn at the push of a button, in a bid to both delight travelers and market its semi-autonomous ProPilot driving technology.

Each of these slippers is equipped with two tiny wheels, a motor, and sensors to “drive” across the wooden lobby floor using Nissan’s ProPilot Park technology. Nissan also built the system into the hotel’s tables and floor pillows, so guests are treated to the not-at-all-creepy sight of autonomous footwear and furniture scuttling across the floor.

The ProPILOT Park Ryokan is located in the resort town of Hakone, around 50 miles southwest of Tokyo and famed for its view of Mount Fuji.


But we are uncertain if these works while someone has put the slippers on. But I doubt it. As we enjoy the sight of self-driving cars, self-driving slippers would also be a nice scene to watch.

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