Driving without steering wheel will now be legal

A bill has been presented in Washington DC that could start a new era of automobile industries. This will affect all the major manufacturers like ford and GM Motors which are Main Two competitors in America from old times and May bring back the competition like Mustang versus camaro back into the modern war of self driving cars.

This bill is about self driving Cars that are making a huge Hype in Automotive industries. This bill will be about the actions taken by human in case of emergency or any other cyber attack as we SEE in games like Watch Dogs.

Rules like these are also important as manufacturer like GM Motors are already thinking about making a CAR that will not have a Steering wheel and will be fully automatic. It will be a disastrous condition if you are on a motorway and got hacked by some hacker then you are just sitting in your car doing nothing.


Even companies like Tesla which have autopilot mode functioning and in production are not even that perfect to drive on their own, you have to give some commands like while changing lanes you have to hold the steering wheel only THEn Sensors will activate and allow the car to change lane.

If this bill passes, it will increase the production speed of self driving Cars and new measures of safety will be introduced.

But in country like India where there is too much traffic, cars go bumper to bumper it will be a hard time for companies to develop software that will be compatible with the traffic of India what do you think let us know in the comments.