Twitter is planning to ban cryptocurrency ads from its platform

With the cryptocurrency craze on the rise, many deceptive marketers took advantage of that and tried to attract more and more people by running online advertisements. But this all could not last for long as both Facebook and Google decided to stop ay such efforts by banning advertisements of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings.

Now it looks like Twitter is also planning to ban any such ads that promote bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Facebook was the first to ban such ads in January this year while Google banned them last week. The new has emerged from Engadget that the new advertising policies of Twitter would ban worldwide ads for ICOs, token sales, and cryptocurrency wallets.

This all could happen in about two weeks and will take effect immediately, Twitter has not come out with any comments till now, but we will try to keep you updated as we receive any news.


Twitter has earlier also pointed out that it will be taking strong actions against deceptive marketers, it pointed out that it will be banning accounts that impersonate as celebrities and ask for small amounts of cryptocurrency.

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