Apple working on curved screen technology for iPhone with gesture control

Apple may be working for curved displays for next-gen iPhones that will even respond to touchless gesture controls. This is claimed by a Bloomberg report, it states that Apple is trying to differentiate its most important product from a crowded market.

The gesture control will enable the users to perform operations on their device without actually touching it. They will have to swipe the finger from close the screen, but the report also suggests that according to people familiar with this work said that the technology won’t be available until next two years.

The report then goes on detailing about the curved screens that could be there in future iPhones. There have been rumors for a while that Apple is working on curved display technology, but something strange about iPhone’s curved screen is that it will curve inward gradually from top to bottom, which is quite different from Samsung’s curved display.

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Apple’s curved display technology will also take some time before we actually see that in iPhones, that means only after a couple of years Apple will be able to practically design an iPhone with these capabilities.

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