Spotify’s hardware product is something everyone would want

Spotify announced that it would be sharing some news on April 25th at an event. But it’s unclear what exactly Spotify will be releasing that day. But some rumors suggest that Spotify might be launching its first hardware product for car connectivity. There have been pieces of evidence that suggest Spotify is working on an in-car-controller.

If you see the rumored product in the pic above the product looks so dope. Back in February, several Spotify customers reported that they received an offer inside the app for a new device that would come included as part of a $12.99-per-month subscription. That price would cover both Spotify’s music service and the device itself if users agreed to a 12-month commitment totaling $155.


The device has a circular design with physical buttons for track controls and shuffle, plus an LED running around the outside in Spotify’s signature green. Another user claimed that Spotify showed them a different $14.99 price point and advertised support for Amazon’s Alexa assistant. For some, Spotify detailed built-in 4G mobile data so that the device could function independently of a smartphone. In every case where it appeared, the prompt only came up once and never returned. Basically, it disappeared after February.

Although, the car is a good focus via Spotify and it will for sure get a good amount of sales. Also, Spotify recently rolled out a native player app for Cadillac vehicles which might be a step towards this product.

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