Worried about your online privacy, VPN Unlimited is what you need (Giveaway included)

With the growing demand for online security and as a result of latest data breach scandals happening around the world, the online privacy is now a big concern for every user. Using a VPN service is the best possible choice that a user can make.

We got chance to review VPN Unlimited a VPN service by KeepSolid, and in this article we will try to bring the insights of why this could be a great choice for you.

VPN Unlimited Overview

VPN Unlimited is one of those VPNs that enjoys a huge user base, with over 8 million users worldwide. VPN Unlimited is, a part of the KeepSolid family which was established in 2013 by Vasily Ivanov and Oleg Bocharnikov then named the company Simplex Solutions.


Over the years VPN Unlimited became their flagship product with over 8 million users worldwide and providing its users with some very key benefits.

It works with Netflix and HULU and gives its user access to KeepSolid Wise technology which disguises VPN traffic as HTTPS traffic.

Layout and Interface

It opens up with a pretty simple Interface, where you can see your current location server and IP and then you can simply select the location from the map where you want to join. That will be the server you will be joining to having your virtual IP.



With some amazing features VPN Unlimited is a must have software.

From providing Total Security to Absolute Privacy, VPN Unlimited takes care of transferring your data over any connection whether it is Wi-Fi or your cellular connection in an encrypted form protecting it from third parties and hackers.

VPN Unlimited can be used on 5 simultaneous devices with one subscription.


They also offer a service Personal Server, which is a great way to skyrocket the level of your online protection and connection speed, as well as to break-free from internet censorship. In this service you will be provided your own server, with no one else using it, you could expect some great results from it.

They also provide Personal IP option, through which you will have your own static IP and will have full control of the IP. The dedicated IP address is a good investment, especially, if you are online every day. It will ensure additional protection for your sensitive information and prevent getting blocked on the internet.

If that’s not enough for you what if you get the chance of having a VPN router, well VPN Unlimited has one such solution. You can set their VPN router and get one of the best solutions for online protection for all devices connected to this router.



During our speed test results, it performed exceptionally well, we were not able to see any reduction in the download and upload speeds. Even streaming full HD videos was really great. No buffering at all, thanks to KeepSolid Wise technology which improves user experience and internet speed. Plus our super fast VPN servers all over the world ensure the best connections speed.


VPN Unlimited has .

They ensure complete security, superior speed, and access to your favorite content worldwide. They use the OpenVPN protocol on Android and Windows platforms, and IKEv2 on macOS and iOS. OpenVPN supports AES 128-bit and AES 256-bit encryption. IKEv2 connections use AES up to 256-bit, Camellia 256-bit, and ChaCha20Poly1305 encryption methods.


VPN Unlimited offers an additional layer of encryption and data obfuscation for restricted environments with KeepSolid Wise. This is a protocol extension that uses AES-256 and provides an extended online freedom, allowing to get free access to all legal web content.


VPN Unlimited offer various plans (i) $9.99 billed monthly, (ii) $59.99 billed yearly, or the lifetime plan (iii) $149.99 for life.

They also provide 7-day free trial, apart from the regular pricing, you can buy their extra service such as Personal sever and personal IP, but you will have to pay for them separately.

You can also visit their website and get in touch with their support staff.


Our Thoughts and Giveaway

With an extensive set of features, and at a very reasonable pricing, VPN Unlimited is an amazing VPN service through which you can ensure that your data never gets in wrong hands.

So to our amazing readers we are providing promo codes for 30-day free trial. Giveaway will run on our Instagram profile and Twitter profile, follow us there to get more details about the giveaway.