Can IGTV beat YouTube, as it poses to be an inevitable threat to YouTube

Initially, Instagram started as a social networking site where people can share their precious moments in the form of photographs. But over the past few years, it has truly amazed us the with the different updates which include 24-hour stories, short videos, disappearing pictures in chats which gave a big competition to Snapchat. But people were always annoyed with not being able to upload longer videos as on youtube. So here it is, the new video platform, IGTV, where bloggers and influencers can now post longer videos.

IGTV is a stand-alone app to watch longer, vertical videos from your favorite Instagram celebrities. It seems to offer a whole new video streaming experience on-the-go. Videos are full screen and vertical, which aims to offer an authentic mobile experience while watching videos. Now we are able to watch the video up to one hour long on Instagram. Getting started with IGTV is easy. Simply open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download the app on your mobiles. Once it downloads, open the app. If you already have Instagram app signed-in on your phone, you get an option to sign into IGTV with the same account. Log into your accounts and you are done! Watching videos on Instagram got a whole lot easier.

Now here’s the big question… Does Youtube, which is the only platform where people go for streaming videos, needs to worry about the new IGTV app on Instagram?


IGTV will be the biggest threat to youtube in recent times. One reason is that there are 1 billion active users on Instagram, a size that can definitely be a challenge to youtube. IGTV has no longer the time restriction like earlier on Instagram videos. Videos can be an hour long which means people will spend more time Instagram and from a revenue perspective that’s exactly what an app wants to achieve.

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June 21, 2018

Instagram’s longer video format app IGTV launched

Although we know that YouTubers have gained a lot of fame by uploading videos on youtube but now time is changing and Instagram is bringing the best it can to challenge youtube. Most influencers have switched to Insta Stories for more views, especially after Snapchat’s disastrous redesign which did not go down well with users and influencers alike. There is a tremendous growth in the people getting famous on Instagram by comparing the number of followers one has.


So, IGTV definitely poses a threat to Youtube. And youtube now needs to worry about getting the users something better and bigger and more interesting to challenge the new IGTV app.